Carta Geografia de Chiapas

Publisher: HFET
Edition: 2003

55" X 39.5" flat sheet

1:400,000 scale map of Chiapas (40" x 38")- map shows topography, biospheres, parks and natural areas, and both regional and municipal boundaries.
Approx. 1,760 entry index of cities, towns and villages.
Distance table.
3 inset maps (9.5" x 11.75")
1-Fisiografia-shows the seven distinct geographical areas of Chiapas using hipsometric tinting.
2-Etnographia-distribution of eleven distinct ethnic groups are shown using hipsometric tinting.
3-Regional map-showing Chiapas as it relates to the area stretching from just West of Veracruz to Guatemala and the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula.
Population Table "Informacion Municipal (Integracion Territorial)"-breakdown of municipal areas (in sq. kilometers) with listings of nine regions of Chiapas and the prinicipal cities within each region.

Panorama del Estado-interesting profile (in spanish) of Chiapas.

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